I have been taking pictures for many years. I can recall as a child in the 1950s taking snapshots with a Brownie box camera. My first serious camera was an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic with a 50mm lens. This was followed by a series of Olympus OM film cameras and a range of lenses. These were the tools that I used to chronicle our family life and travels. After the children were grown and gone, my enthusiasm for photography faded and my equipment went largely unused.

It took digital photography to revive my interest in photograph. I enjoy being able to see the image in-camera immediately after capturing it and being able to consider whether to adjust the settings and repeat the shot. In addition, I find it very satisfying to be able to use post-processing software to refine an image to match my vision of the original scene, if I choose to.

I entered the digital realm in 2004 starting with Nikon DSLRs and then moving to Olympus OMDs. Early on, most of my focus was on wildlife and nature. Then in 2013, we took a trip down the Mekong River through Cambodia and Vietnam, stopping at villages, marketplaces and temples along the way. I found that I very much enjoyed taking photographs of people in their environment. Moreover, I found that I had a modest talent for this type of photography.

So what you see here are primarily environmental portraits that I have made over about the last five years. Many of these were taken in Cuba, where I have visited five times so far during this period. It is a fascinating country and Cubans are a wonderful and welcoming people. This combination makes Cuba a photographer's dream.

I continue to study photography and take workshops to improve my skills and to enhance my creative vision. Hopefully, my future images will reflect this effort.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit.